Returning to School January 2021 – Apprentice Guidance

Welcome Back to the New Term and 2021
We hope that everyone has had a great Christmas Break and that you are ready to embark upon the New Year with a renewed optimism that this will be the year we move forwards and eventually return to some form of normality.
The recent school guidance from the Government has been a little confusing and is continually changing and we want to make sure you know where you should go for immediate advice on your own school/s situation. Every school is different hence it is important that you keep in touch with both your mentor and your tutor.
Your first step is:
1. Contact your mentor in school to see when you will be returning to school.
2. Contact your tutor to let them know if you will be in school from 4th January or returning at a later date.
3. Both Your remote learning with your tutor and any virtual training being delivered by Sporting Futures Training will continue as planned.
4. If you are starting employment at your new school – contact the Head Teacher for guidance on when you should go into school.
5. Remember – that Vulnerable children and keyworkers children will STILL be in school from the 4th January no matter what area you are in and you may be needed to support with this delivery, this is why it is so important to contact your mentor in school.
If you have tested positive to covid please ensure you let your school and tutor know immediately and then continue with keeping yourselves well and following the isolation period of 10 days.
If you feel anxious about returning to school then you MUST let your mentor/Head Teacher/ Tutor know of your concerns.
If you have personal vulnerabilities medical/ anxieties – again you must discuss these concerns and vulnerabilities with your mentor/Tutor so that we can support you with your situation.
If you are caught up with Teachers Unions and the Unions positions relating to return to work for staff within your school – You may find that your mentor is unable to comment upon giving advice about returning to school – we must ask for you to talk to your Head teacher directly for guidance and remember we are here to talk to you at the Sporting Futures Training Office as well to support you with decisions.
TEL: 01438 791068
You must make the decision if you feel it is safe to return following discussions with your HT and Tutor.
These are really challenging times and whilst we know that there is a vaccine on the horizon we also know that schools at the moment are in the spotlight, the above are conversations that most of you would hope you would never have to have with Head Teachers etc , but this is a responsibility that you need to take yourself and we will support you with whatever decision you take.
Look after yourselves and please do not hesitate to contact your tutors or the Sporting Futures Training Team for further guidance.
Thank you everyone
Take Care and we wish you well for a Happy, Healthy 2021
Jill Eaton